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April 18, 2009

What is CC and CV Mode of a CC CV Power Supply?

A Mastech Power Supply is a CC CV power supply can be operated in either of the two modes: CC (constant current) and CV (constant voltage) mode. You can tell which mode the power supply is in by looking at the front panel, where either the "CC" or "CV" indicator light is on. Needless to say, if "CV" light is on, it means that the power supply is in constant voltage mode.

If you are a novice user, you may wonder what does it mean? With any Mastech power supply, you can set both the current and voltage using the knobs in the front. By doing so, you are not setting the actual current or voltage, you are merely setting the limits for voltage and current.

If you remember Ohm's Law, you know that at any given load, you can only control either the current or the voltage, the other is determined by Ohm's Law and the load. When the "CV" light is on, it means that the voltage you see on the display (which is always the actual voltage the power supply is putting out) is the same as the voltage you set, while the current you set is higher than the actual current allowed in the particular configuration. This is because with the particular load connected, you have reached the limit set by the voltage knob. Alternatively, when the "CC" light is on, the current on the display (which always shows the actual current flowing through the circuit) is the same as the current limit you set, and the voltage limit you set is higher than the actual voltage displayed on the power supply.

April 12, 2009

New power supplies available

We have recently added the following power supplies to our inventory:

Mastech Linear variable DC Power Supply HY3010D

Mastech Linear regulated power supply HY3020D

Mastech Linear regulated power supply HY5005D-2


With these addition, we have not only dramatically increase the choices of linear power supplies, especially the higher current power supplies. HY6020E, with up to 60V in output voltage and 20A in output current, is one of the most powerful power supplies we carry so far.


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